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Power up your communication

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High impact communication

You’ve got ideas that you want other people to buy into. But you know that ideas don't just inspire people because they are great ideas. They inspire people because they are presented in a way that makes them truly care.

New Vision Europe helps you and your team deliver clear, concise and compelling messages in a changing and challenging global market environment. From large stages to one-on-one conversations, we guide you to shape your  ideas, understand what makes you unique and communicate with high impact. 


We combine methods from Neuroscience and Accelerated Learning to produce experiential and highly memorable training courses. No matter what industry you are in, no matter what  your function is, you will experience a quick transformation. 

Communication that moves people

Corporate Trainings

in-person or virtual 

In-house trainings to help you develop a culture of compelling communication in your organization.  

One-on-one coaching

in-person or virtual 

Personalized sessions to take your communication skills to the next level. 


our signature programs

Present with impact

Our flagship program helps you create captivating content for your next presentation rather than a set of boring Powerpoint slides. Learn how to catch people's imagination, spark action and stand out.

Secrets of great Ted talks

TED talks rack up millions of views and get spread.Learn the secrets to deliver captivating ideas and unlock your inspiring voice.

Make your Point with Powerpoint

Learn how to quickly design an effective PowerPoint presentation.

Understand how to present complex information on a clear and concise way.

Boost your pitch

Coming up with innovative ideas is easy BUT pitching your ideas to your manager, customers or potential investors is HARD! Learn to sell your ideas in less than 3 minutes. Say less, get

more !

Lead with a story

Storytelling is a powerful tool leaders have at their disposal to trigger people’s imagination.

Learn how to use stories to turn information into inspiration.

The power of body language

A great content alone is not enough to reach impactful communication.  Learn to use your body language in a natural way and ignite your inner spark.

Speak to be heard, understood and remembered


our signature programs

Designing compelling training contents

This program provides internal trainers or experts with the methods and tools to design experiential, highly enjoyable participant-based content, connected with the real world.  

High impact facilitation 

In house trainers are often highly knowledgeable in a certain topic but often struggle with pedagogical skills.

Acquire the main tools to transfer knowledge to adult learners in a way that is interesting, interactive and impactful.

Wake them up : 10 teachback techniques 

Teachbacks are activities in which learners teach each other what they have learned.

Explore 10 short, quick and high-energy

teachback  techniques to keep them awake and alert.

Learning with your whole brain

Whole Brain Learning connects the conscious

and unconscious mind and appeals to the left and right  brain processes in a balanced way. Discover how to connect facts with feelings to create engaging and memorable content.​

Make them play

Learning can be fun. Get people totally involved through the use of learning games.

This program outlines how games can add life to training .

Explore how to create a playful atmosphere and release your participants' full intelligence.

Teaching with stories

Effective training is not just about transmitting facts and figures. It’s also about connecting with people on a deeper level. Stories trigger people's imagination and reach their feelings. Discover how to incorporate stories into your training sessions and unlock your potential to inspire.


Silvana Cappello van New Vision Europe
Silvana Cappello

Founder and Senior Trainer

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Yves Miserez

Partner &

Senior Trainer

de Vidts

Partner &

Senior Trainer

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