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Train the trainer

designing powerful trainings

Course content - 2 x 1 day

(non consecutive)

  • The revolution in learning : the limits of the traditional approach​

  • The brain and learning  : using the whole brain for learning​

  • The main principles to accelerate the learning process

  • Focusing on the audience, defining audience needs​

  • Designing a dynamic «script» ​

  • Designing creative activities that appeal to all learning styles​

  • Adding «spice» to your training : working with Pictograms, Learning games, Imagery, Music ​

  • Designing effective visual aids : The « less is more » criteria ​

  • Orchestrating a supportive environment : seating, props, tables, .. 

How you will benefit

Didactic approach

Practical skill building
Hands-on exercises
Personalized speech feedback
Self assessment tools

 Learning is creation not consumption

Dave Meier
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