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Training approach

We are 'Accelerated Learning' certified practitioners.

Our techniques draw inspiration from the most recent research in Neurosciences and cutting edge models in the teaching field.

Our goal is to design trainings that remain ingrained in people's memories and that initiate profound changes in behaviour.

Our trainings will fundamentally change the way you communicate. You will find out how to design messages that are easy to grasp, resonate with people and get spread.

Our 3 step model will give you a holistic understanding of what the necessary ingredients are of a good presentation. 

Delivering high impact presentations is more than an art. It's brain science. 

STEP 1 : Message

You will create well structured contents and build a brain-friendly, easy to digest message.

STEP 2 : Media

You will learn how to create mental pictures in your audience mind and support your contents with appealing visuals.

STEP 3 : Messenger

You will free yourself from stress and speak with confidence.

The 8 elements that distinguish New Vision Europe’s signature

Our goal is to create projects off the beaten track, that remain ingrained in people's memories and that initiate profound changes in behaviour.

01. Experiential

We ensure that the participants have many opportunities to practice through role playings,games, case studies,sub-group exercises, ...

02. Tailor-made

Our trainings reflect the company’s culture and are designed in co-creation with our client. 

03. Blended Learning

We use multiple tools in order to maximize impact such as videos, reading material,pre- and post- didactic material,...

04. Ready to use tools

We share tools that people can apply immediately. We strive towards pragmatism in the choice of our tools.

05. Social Learning

We foresee multiple occasions for people to share best practices, encourage and challenge each other.

06. Mental imprint

We use strong visual tools and stories in order to increase retention levels.

07. Gamification

We introduce"games" in our courses in order to energize the contents, improve retention level and create a healthy competitive learning environment.

08. Action plans

We integrate action plans in all our learning tracks in order to stimulate participants to use the techniques on a daily basis.

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