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Public speaking and presentation experts 

Silvana Cappello

Silvana Cappello is a passionate public speaking and presentation expert. 

For more than 25 years, she has challenged and supported thousands of professionals on their journey to become engaging speakers.


From her early years as a  Marketing professional in the automotive industry, throughout her career as a Management consultant in Belgium and Italy, and to the founding of her own communications company "New Vision Europe" in 1997, her calling has been to help people deliver powerful, confident, and authentic presentations. 


As a Neuroscience and Accelerated Learning certified practitioner,  Silvana unveils the mysteries of the human brain and then uses that knowledge to craft persuasive communication.


Silvana is known for her lively and enthusiastic approach to her work. She instils confidence in speakers, leaving them pepped and ready to share their sparkle.


As a facilitator, she aims at creating workshops that remain ingrained in people's memories and that initiate profound changes in behaviour.


She shares her communication  techniques with large organizations throughout Europe as well as top business schools and universities in Belgium.


Silvana does assignments in 4 languages: French, English, Dutch and Italian.

Silvana Cappello van New Vision Europe
Founder & Senior Trainer

"What excites me most in my job is having people discover their own brilliance"

Silvana Cappello

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Partner & Senior Trainer

Yves Miserez

Yves Miserez is an energetic and influential public speaking and leadership development expert. 


With over 20 years of experience of group facilitation, Yves has contributed to the personal and professional growth of thousands of professionals.


Benefitting from his background in operational and quality management, Yves led projects in over 15 countries. Yves’ passion, more than ever, is to help individuals and groups, both online and offline, to lead teams and to effectively communicate towards different kinds of stakeholders.


Yves is appreciated for his balance between the ‘head, heart and hands’ when bringing the message across. As a Positive Leadership and Accelerated Learning certified practitioner, Yves challenges the status quo. 


He is also a ‘boots in the mud’ consultant on change management projects, aiming for operational excellence. He does so by aligning the board room objectives with the day-to-day operational activities.


Yves works with large, medium size organizations and SME’s and he has an expertise in (financial) services, industry and government.


Yves works in Dutch, French and English.

Dorien De Vidts

Dorien De Vidts found her calling to support people in their development and communication skills early on. While studying commercial sciences, she was part of an international student organization called AIESEC, where she trained youth from around the globe in communication, leadership and personal development. 


Since 2018 Dorien has been supporting professionals to get their messages across with clarity, purpose and confidence. As an advocate of lifelong learning, she is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practioner and is trained in Brain Friendly learning. 


Working with middle to large organizations throughout Europe in various industries such as finance, insurance and retail, Dorien is appreciated for her dynamic, interactive and practical style. She walks her talk of starting with the end in mind for professionals to connect with and enhance their natural communication skills.


Based on the need of the client, Dorien inspires participants to translate complex matters into powerful messages that stick. In her lively and memorable way she delivers assignments in Dutch, French and English. 

Dorien De Vidts van New Vision Europe
Partner & Senior trainer
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