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Boost your elevator pitch

say less, get more

Course content - 1 day

  • Understanding what is your audience looking for

  • Avoiding common mistakes in pitching

  • Understanding the mechanics of a pitch: creating a 5 step pitch architecture

  • Deciding what to say and not to say : achieve more, say less

  • Formulating your Big Idea in a compelling way

  • Creating powerful narratives

  • 8 teasers’ techniques to grab their attention

  • Polishing your pitch to make it memorable​

  • Delivering the pitch with energy and passion

How you will benefit

Didactic approach

Practical skill building
Hands-on exercises
speech feedback
Self assesment tools

  It is with words as it is with sunbeams. The more they are condensed, the deeper

 they burn.

Roberty Southey
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