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Learning with your whole brain

using brain science to boost learning power

Course content - 1 day

  • Diving into brain secrets : how do we learn and memorize ?​

  • Using the full spectrum of thinking to maximize learning​

  • ​Understanding left brain/right brain functions & cortical/limbic functions​

  • Practicing whole brain : how to teach it so they get it ?​

  • Combining verbal with visual stimuli: how to let  them hear and see your message ?​

  • How to  stimulate them intellectually and emotionally ?​

  • How to encourage  them to think in a logical and  "out of the box" way ?​

  • Moving from abstract to concrete : how to make the link between your concepts and their reality ?​

  • Exercise boosts brain power : how to reinforce the mind/body relationship throughout the course ?​

  • ​Bringing the joy back in learning 

How you will benefit

Didactic approach

Interactive and experiential workshop.
Individual and group exercises to put 'whole brain learning' into practice

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but 

a fire to be lighted

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