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High impact facilitation skills

 interact efficiently with your audience

Course content - 2 days

(non consecutive)

  • Creating the conditions for full participation : setting the tone and pace, establishing rapport​

  •  Playing with convergent and divergent thinking process​

  • Giving clear instructions, staying on track​

  • Engaging learners through various questioning technique​

  • Delivering constructive feedback to learners​

  • Reading the group's energy level​

  • Managing discussions and activities​

  • Adapting to different styles of participants​

  • Anticipating hostile questions​

  • Facing tough situations : dealing with resistance​

  •  Assessing key learnings

How you will benefit

Didactic approach

Interactive and practical workshop
Participants will be involved in multiple facilitation exercises

We cannot teach another person directly,   

we can only facilitate his learning

Carl Rogers
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