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Secrets of great Ted Talks

Deliver your own Ted style presentation

Course content - 1 day

  • It all starts with an idea: what is your idea worth sharing ? 

  • It’s not about you, it’ s about them : connecting your idea with their reality

  • Make them see it : the picture superiority effect

  • Make them feel it : unite ideas with emotions

  • Tell them stories

  • Teach them something new and unexpected : using STAR moments

  • Make it memorable : have your message stick

  • Make them laugh : lighten up 

  • Play with words : the power of sensorial language

  • Energize your presentation with interaction

How you will benefit

Didactic approach

Practical skill building
Hands-on exercises
speech feedback
Self assessment tools

A successful talk is a little miracle - people see the world differently afterwards

Chris Andersen
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